You could say that working with me is basically the opposite of "health coaching."

You will learn tools that help you heal at the root and listen to your own deepest wisdom as we guide your nervous system to a more grounded default state.


Physical medicine is a non-invasive way to help with pelvic musculoskeletal issues you may not have considered a hands-on care for like incontinence, prolapse, preparing for and healing from pregnancy and birth, scar tissue healing, and enhanced fertility.


Like the women from a time long ago who would sneak away in the wee hours of the night to circle up deep in the woods-–this is our modern way of sharing wisdom and medicine with each other. Only now, we can bend time and space through the magic of the interwebs. Join us on a magical pilgrimage deep into lush, uncharted feminine wilderness.


When women circle up, magic happens. You might not even know why you were pulled to the circle, but you will find healing there nonetheless.

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your body speaks

it's up to you to ...

practice the ART of deep listening

your guide: Danielle Cornelius, DC

I know what it is like to live with debilitating pain and be so disconnected from the lower half of your body that you feel like there is no hope. Lots of doctors, no answers. 

That feeling of being lost, alone, and untethered ... all because of what feels like the utmost betrayal. That of your own body. I understand it more than most.

After spending DECADES seeking answers for myself and helping others, I have dedicated my life's work to this mission of educating women on how to find balance, healing, and even joy within the depths of our sacred bodies and beings.

There is a way out ... and it is within.


nice things people say...

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I absolutely LOVE Danielle and can't say enough good things about her!

She provides a safe, loving, and compassionate environment for healing. - Stacy

Danielle is an integral healer in my self-care regimen. I am so great full for her wisdom and healing presence.It is a blessing to do this work with someone that is awakened and doing her own work!

Thank you for your bravery Danielle!😍 - Kathy

Danielle is a modern wise woman, blending wisdom cycles of nature with women's health. Her work is a harmonious blend of physical bodywork and energy work and intuitive guidance. I'm blessed to have found her! - Jamie

Danielle has the training, education and sensitivity to aid in the process of your body's healing at the deepest levels. Her practice is more than chiropractic, it is a complete realignment back to your most feminine self.  - Shara