Now, perhaps more than ever, you are really feeling the brunt of a lot of change and uncertainty. Yet, this is a deeply feminine time where you have the opportunity to really shift the foundation of your being away from the things in our culture designed to keep you from trusting your body.

Imagine feeling deeply rooted in your body and more aligned with your deepest needs. You will feel more connected to the joys of nature surrounding you. This work will help you become embodied and centered in your power. You will release models of power over others and fall confidently into power within and from your highest self.

If mama's not happy, nobody's happy.

Most people have heard this phrase. There is truth in it because the female body carries the energy of the group. This is true whether you have children or not. What you hold in your center, and how you hold it, has ripple effects.

You are more powerful than you think to create change. Just not always in the ways you think because we are trained to think of power as power over others. There is another way.

Are you fed up from struggling with any of the following?

pelvic pain

menstrual issues

low energy

poor sleep

feeling ungrounded & uncentered

unexplained infertility

a sense of disconnection from your body

a lack of sensation in your root

I want to assure you....
the answers you seek
are closer than you think!

If you are interested in virtual work with Dr. Danielle, please complete this form and we will schedule an initial 20-minute virtual call at no charge to make sure that we are a good fit. If so, we will go from there! 

It is time to release discomfort in your body and find your center.


  • how to move from your heart and your root instead of just your mind
  • alignment with natures cycles, including your own power cycle
  • how to operate within your own sense of time
  • balancing feminine & masculine energies, moving into a sense of wholeness within
  • using your body as your best teacher
  • embodiment of trust, peace, and grace
  • deeper access to your intuition and ability to stand in your own power
  • stepping into your knowing about how to build what is next
  • discover ways to integrate vibrancy into your life
  • stop looking for quick fixes; instead, learn to listen to what your body needs


  • three months of dedicated work together
  • one-on-one 45-min guidance and energy session every week (12 total)

The longer-term format is designed to support you through the transformation process and give you a better chance of making changes that stick.

This entire package is $1620 or three monthly payments of $540.

I am Dr. Danielle Cornelius.

Formally trained as a chiropractor, I have spent my career focused on the needs of the female body, mind, and spirit. After working with countless women over more than a decade, I have learned a lot about how we manage the energy in our bodies and ways to use that to create practical magic in our lives and communities.

In working together, you will receive spiritual and somatic guidance rooted in decades of wisdom earned through my devotion to these healing arts.

Root Somatics Virtual Immersion

I absolutely LOVE Danielle and can't say enough good things about her!
She provides a safe, loving, and compassionate environment for healing. - Stacy

Danielle is an integral healer in my self-care regimen. I am so great full for her wisdom and healing presence.It is a blessing to do this work with someone that is awakened and doing her own work!
Thank you for your bravery Danielle!😍 - Kathy

Danielle is a modern wise woman, blending wisdom cycles of nature with women's health. Her work is a harmonious blend of physical bodywork and energy work and intuitive guidance. I'm blessed to have found her! - Jamie

praise for my work
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