Physical medicine is a non-invasive way to help with pelvic musculoskeletal issues you may not have considered a hands-on care for like incontinence, prolapse, preparing for and healing from pregnancy and birth, scar tissue healing, and enhanced fertility.


When women circle up, magic happens. You might not even know why you were pulled to the circle, but you will find healing there nonetheless.

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your body speaks

you can learn to

practice the ART of deep listening

your guide: Dr. Danielle Cornelius

I know what it is like to live with debilitating pain and be so disconnected from your body that you feel like there is no hope. Lots of doctors and practitioners; no answers. 

That feeling of being lost, alone, and untethered ... all because of what feels like the utmost betrayal. That of your own body. I understand it more than most.

After spending DECADES seeking answers for myself and helping others, I have dedicated my life's work to this mission of educating women on how to find balance, healing, and even joy within the depths of our sacred bodies and beings.

There is a way out ... and it is within.


nice things people say...

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I absolutely LOVE Danielle and can't say enough good things about her!

She provides a safe, loving, and compassionate environment for healing. - Stacy

Danielle is an integral healer in my self-care regimen. I am so great full for her wisdom and healing presence.It is a blessing to do this work with someone that is awakened and doing her own work!

Thank you for your bravery Danielle!😍 - Kathy

Danielle is a modern wise woman, blending wisdom cycles of nature with women's health. Her work is a harmonious blend of physical bodywork and energy work and intuitive guidance. I'm blessed to have found her! - Jamie

Danielle has the training, education and sensitivity to aid in the process of your body's healing at the deepest levels. Her practice is more than chiropractic, it is a complete realignment back to your most feminine self.  - Shara

I have struggled with back pain from scoliosis since I was 12 years old as well as other pelvic area pain. Seeing Danielle for pelvic care has helped my body so so much. I went to a traditional chiropractor for shoulder and neck pain once or twice a week for 5 years. Now I only need traditional chiropractic care every few months. Seeing Danielle has changed my life and I am so grateful for it. - Dryden

Dr. Danielle is one of a kind and truly the best in the business. I've gotten other adjustments from chiropractors before and they've been too aggressive to the point where my system is traumatized for days afterward. But Dr. Danielle is gentle with my body and really listens to what it needs. After a session with her, my body feels more relaxed and fluid—which is always surprising because her approach is very minimal. I also love how informative she is; she never fails to spill wisdom during our sessions. Whenever I see her, I feel held, seen, and supported. She's the only chiropractor/reiki healer I see. - Ev'Yan

Danielle is a deep and compassionate healer who brings her integrity, warmth, and depth of knowledge to the table. I saw here for holistic pelvic care and felt instantly at ease with her presence and assuredness in such beautiful and intimate work. She's incredibly grounded in both medical and spiritual worlds and a fantastic listener. I love working with Danielle and would give 10 stars if I could! - Michelle

Dr. Cornelius is one of those doctors who is a true healer...she cares so deeply about her patients, SEES each of them, has the most calming and reassuring bedside manners, and knows her stuff. She is extremely helpful in helping her patients understand her observations and treatment plans and is a guide through every appointment. She has helped me personally through some incredibly tough times- physically and energetically - with her gifts in chiropractic medicine, pelvic healthcare and energy work. I would (and have) recommend Dr. Cornelius with the highest of marks. - Jennifer

I love Dr. Danielle....I have been receiving holistic pelvic care, healing chiropractic care, and Reiki from Danielle for well over a year. She is so present, conscious about her work, tuned into me, supportive, deeply compassionate, gentle, effective, and powerfully validating. Her work is so soothing, relaxing, and helps me to release what's holding me back from healing. Danielle is one of the most beautiful and powerful healers I know, practicing tuning in to the subtle energy, while being very present in the physical. She continues to educate herself, always growing and learning, always supporting Divine Feminine to rise up in Love. I'm so grateful for you Danielle. You are such a Blessing in my life. - Sonya

Danielle is an amazing holistic healer!! In just one visit I'm feeling more attuned and aligned with physical body and spirit - not to mention more confident and sexy now that I've got the full range of my right hip!! - Teresa

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